About Waking Minds Yoga

Waking Minds Yoga invites you to come and explore the practices of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.  Our safe and supportive learning environment enables you to experience, learn and grow.


What set’s us apart?


Teaching Style

Our teaching comes from the heart, with lots of fun and laughter along the way.  We create a space that allows you to learn and develop, to ask questions and to share.  And if you need some extra help and support, we’ll be there for you.

We don’t tell you what kind of yoga to teach, we allow you to explore yoga and find a style that resonates with you.  We teach you how to sequence, so you can create beautiful classes that are as individual as you are.



Our principal trainer brings over 30 years experience in mindfulness, meditation and yoga to you.  And our lead trainer has nearly 20 years experience teaching chldren.  And all our guest teachers on the yoga teacher training deliver a class in their own style of yoga and teaching, so you can experience a wide variety of yoga.  You can also ask us lots of questions about what we do and why we do it to gain a fuller understanding of the practices.



At every stage of your training we’ll help and support you.  Training is structured so that we check in reguarly with you and make sure you’re on track.  And if you’re struggling, we’ll get you back on track.



When you join Waking MInds Yoga you are not on your own.  We encourage you to link up with other course participants and keep in touch to help and support each other.

And if you need extra help, just reach out to us and we’ll help you through.

Once you’ve completed your training, we encourage you to keep in touch.


The Teachers Retreat with the Business Hour

This is a very special day, spent connecting with the yoga community and re-connecting with yourself.  It’s a safe place to land, meeting other teachers, catching up with your student group, exchanging ideas, sharing tips, sharing resources and celebrating your success.  When the business hour is over we spend lots of you time exploring yoga and meditation.  A great opportunity to restore your energy and refresh the mind.


Join us today       training@wakingmindsyoga.co.uk


Meet the Team


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course
200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course
300hr Yoga Teacher Training Course
300hr Yoga Teacher Training Course
Emergency First Aid at Work Course Cirencester
Emergency First Aid at Work Course
Childrens Yoga Teacher Training
Childrens Yoga Teacher Training Course
Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training
Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course

 “Thank you for your wisdom and your faith in us.  What an amazing time!”


“Thank you so much for the experience and guidance, and encouragement.”


“What an amazing experience.”