Become a Yoga Teacher

Become a Yoga Teacher

You’ve spent hours in yoga classes, maybe been on retreats and attended workshops.  Teachers have inspired you and you’ve deepened your practice.  And now you’d like to become a yoga teacher.

Start by speaking with yoga teachers.  The yoga community is friendly and helpful, and most teachers just want more people to benefit from yoga, so they’ll answer your questions honestly and share their experiences with you.  Ask them about training courses, workshops, setting up in business, how many classes they teach, the upsides and downsides of yoga teaching.

Begin to broaden your experience of yoga.  Don’t give up your weekly class, just visit new classes with different teachers and try something new.   And have a regular practice at home.

Once you’ve decided to become a yoga teacher, choosing a training course that’s right for you is really important.  It’s not just about finding a course that’s registered; it’s also about finding a course that resonates with you.   Consider the style of training on offer; is it only one style of yoga or do you get to explore more?  And how is the course formatted?  Is it long term study or intensive training?  Think about how the course will fit in with your existing lifestyle, work and family and make sure you choose a course that you can commit to fully.  Ask to speak with the trainer to make sure the course is right for you.  You spend a lot of time with the trainer, so make sure you can work together.

And remember training is very different to a retreat.  Expect it to be hard work.  There is a lot to learn.  Make sure you have lots of help and support from friends, family and your training school.  The more support you have the better.

A 200hr yoga teacher training course is the beginning.  It’s a foundation to get you started on your journey, sharing yoga with your community.

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