Hatha Yoga – Book Review

An Ideal Book for Yoga Teachers or if You’re Training to Become a Yoga Teacher

As you can see from the photo of the office copy of Hatha Yoga Illustrated, it is well used.  That’s because we include this book on the reading list of our yoga teacher training course.

This book is included because it provides the reader with a broad selection of yoga asana.  The book has 77 poses in all, including photos and a sequence showing you how to gradually move into the posture.

It also, very helpfully, lists drishti point, physical benefits, mental benefits, contraindications and the counterpose.  Hatha Yoga Illustrated is written and illustrated in a simple, accessible format.  That makes it easy to understand and easy to use.  The images are also useful to show and explain elements of asana to your students.

And in addition, at the back of the book, there are some sample sequences to try.  They’re great for newly qualified teachers or yoga practitioners.

We recommend buying this book if you’re considering becoming a yoga teacher or to use for your personal practice at home.


Hatha Yoga


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