Teachers Retreat with the Business Hour

As teachers we all need some time to restore our own energy and deepen our practice.  There are also times when you need some support for you and your business.  A place where people will support you without judgement, sharing their experiences in business, and creating a community.  This is the teachers retreat and all teachers are welcome.

During the business hour we put the kettle on and help each other with business issues and teaching challenges.  It’s a safe place to share any difficulties you’re having and share solutions.  It’s also an opportunity to connect with the yoga community.  Once the business hour is over, we take time to explore our personal yoga practice and to explore mindfulness & meditation.  This is your time to restore and refresh your energy.  And in between our practice sessions we take a break to enjoy our lunch together.

Our typical day

  • 9.30am We start with the business hour
  • 10.30am Tea break
  • 10.45am Yoga Practice
  • 12.30pm Lunch
  • 1.15pm Mindfulness & Meditation Practice
  • 3pm Tea, cake and finish


To reserve your place at the next teachers retreat e-mail us at training@wakingmindsyoga.co.uk


Next date and venue to be confirmed soon.




Mindfulness and meditation practitioner course
Mindfulness & Meditation Practitioner Weekend


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