FAQs about Yoga Teaching and Training


How soon can I teach?

You start teaching in our training group straight away and continue to teach throughout the training.  In between the intensive course and the final weekend we encourage you to practice teaching with friends and family to gain your confidence and find your voice.  At the final weekend we invite you to teach the public with our support.  Once you’ve graduated you will receive your certifcate and be able to get insurance to teach the public and run your own classes.


Can you help me with insurance?

We’ll give you some options of insurers to get a quote from and we’ll also give you our recommended provider.


How do I register with Yoga Aliiance?

Go to the Yoga Alliance website and create a login for yourself.  Click where it says join at the top right of their home page.  You will then be guided through an on-line process which is really easy.  Here’s the link to their guidelines. How to Register with Yoga Alliance.


How much can I earn as a Yoga Teacher?

If you teach at a studio or centre where you turn up and teach and the students are provided for you, then expect to earn about £20 per hour.  This figure does vary depending on whereabouts you live.

If you set up your own classes and take responsibility for getting students to your classes then you can earn much more.  Again it depends on where you live and whether you ask students to pay for a term or by class.  If you charged £8 per class, per student then you could earn over £100 per class.

Teaching 1:1 is also an option and while pricing expectation does vary, expect to earn between £30 & £65 per hour.

You can use yoga teaching to supplement your existing income and you can also work solely as a yoga teacher and earn a good living.


If you’ve got more questions contact us at training@wakingmindsyoga.co.uk




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